Kitchen Roster July will be available soon



We all know that kitchen duties are somewhat tedious, however, we all enjoy the endless supply of tea and coffee and the treats our members bring along to meetings.

 I think that the energies of the 6 volunteers would be better utilized by splitting the duties.  We are going to have a “morning shift” and “afternoon shift”. 

The duties of the morning shift will be to set up the kitchen.  Arrive at our club room at 9.15 and set up for the day, topping up the urn and replenishing tea, coffee, milk etc. as required; completing the “shift” at 12.00 p.m.  The afternoon shift will commence at 12.00 p.m. and ensure the ongoing filling of urns, tea, coffee etc.  then helping with the packing up of the kitchen at the end of the day.  A comprehensive list of duties for each shift will be provided.

As well as the duties of the day, the morning shift will be asked to provide a plate of Savoury food, the afternoon shift a plate of sweet food.  All of these plates will be placed on the table at the beginning of the day.

The optimum number at each meeting would be 6, 3 at each shift; so where we have an overload of volunteers in a month, I would ask that you put your name down for a month that is lean.