Art Appreciation Group

Members of Westernport Quilters Inc. have formed an Art Appreciation Group which meets bi-monthly

 to share our quilting skills and to develop an appreciation for art.

A member of the group selects a particular artist and we each make a small quilt

inspired by our own research into the work of that artist.

Below - The artist for October - November was  , Clarice Cliff

chosen by Brenda Dean.

Clarice Cliff

20 January 1899 23 October 1972

Clarice Cliff was an English ceramic artist active from 1922 to 1963.

She began as an apprentice potter.

By reason of her talent and ability, she became a ceramic artist,

becoming the head of the factory artistic department.





Below - The artist for August was  , Annemieke Mein

chosen by Jenny Millar.

Annemieke Mein is a Dutch-born Australian textile artist who specialises in depicting wildlife.

She was the first extile artist to be member of Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and

the Australian Guild of Realist Artists.

The subjects of her sculpted textiles are birds, frogs, gum and wattle blossoms, and invertebrates

such as moths, dragonflies, wasps and grasshoppers.

Her fondness for insects and her sympathetic images,

often greatly enlarged and showing normally invisible colours and textures,

have revealed new aspects of the everyday world.






Below - The artist for June was Vincent Van Gogh ,

chosen by Veronica Capper.

Vincent Willem van Gogh  was a Dutch Post Impressionist painter who is among

 the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art.

      In just over a decade he created about 2,100 artworks, including around 860 oil paintings,

most of them in the last two years of his life in France, where he died. They include landscapes, still life, portraits

 and self portraits, and  are characterised by bold colours and dramatic, impulsive and expressive brushwork

  that contributed to the foundations of modern art.   His suicide at 37 followed years of mental illness and poverty.





Below - The artist for May was Ethel Carrick Fox ,

chosen by Heather Stafford.

Ethel Carrick Fox (18721951) was the wife of painter Emanuel Phillips Fox and a major artist in her own right.

Carrick studied at the Slade School. She married E. Phillips Fox in 1905 and moved to Paris. She exhibited at the Salon D'Automne, Royal Academy London, Australian Art Association, Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors, as well as at solo exhibitions and dual shows with her husband's work. She travelled extensively from 19201940, and lobbied Australian public gallery directors and curators to buy her husband's works. During the 1920s she was recommended by the Atelier Grande Chaumiere as a private teacher of still life painting in Paris, and included a number of Australians and Americans in Paris amongst her students.

Carrick died in Melbourne in 1951.


Below - The artist for March was Charles Rennie Macintosh ,

chosen by Molly Arnott.


Below - The artist for January was Howard Arkley,

chosen by Caroline Sweeting.



Below - The artist for November was Pro Hart, chosen by Ann Mills.



Below - The artist for September was Georgia O'Keeffe, chosen by Barbara Rimington.




Below - The artist for July was Piet Mondrian, chosen by Leslie Kumar
Below - The artist for May was Gustav Klimt, chosen by Judy Beresford.
Below - The artist for March was Ken Done, chosen by Brenda King.
Below - The artist for January  was David Hockney, chosen by Janet Richardson.
The artist for November was Paul Margocsy, chosen by Dot Rowley.
The artist for September was Margaret Preston, chosen by Gaynor Backx.
The artist for July was Sir Alfred Munnings, chosen by Linda Millar.
The artist for May was Lawrence Lowry, chosen by Brenda Dean.








The artist for March (below)was Albert Namajira, chosen by Jenny Millar.





The artist for January (below) was Sydney Long, chosen by Veronica Capper.