Westernport Quilters Inc.

Library Facilities


Westernport Quilters do not, as yet, have a library of their own. However the Peninsula public libraries have an excellent collection of reference and other books available to anyone living locally.

To access these just follow the instructions below:
It is strongly recommended that first time users first print this page and have the printed page available as they work through the procedure.
1. Click on this link which will load the entire list of relevant books and magazines available. These will load in a separate browser screen
2. Select the book you wish to borrow, highlight the title & press [control-c] i.e. "Copy" If you have difficulty highlighting go to * below for more detailed instructions.
3. Then press this link - which will take you to the library search page
4. Press "Begin your search"
5. Go to "Keywords" - with your curser inside the search rectangle press [control-v] i.e. "Paste"
6. Press "Search"
7. If this finds the book you require, and you still wish to borrow it click on "Reserve Item" and then follow the prompts.
* If you have difficulty highlighting check the following:
  Ensure your curser is over some part of the page.
  Right click your mouse.
  Ensure that the function "Allow Hand Tool To Select Text" is ticked.
  Place your curser directly above the first letter of the book title
  Left click and highlight the title
  Copy the text [control-C]
  Continue at item 3 above